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The Sea of Prickles:
The Ghost Runner Series Book 2

Escaping the clutches of the sorcerer in his island hideaway, Avalon and his three female companions set sail on Ghost Runner. Discovering an unchartered, uninhabited archipelago, they make the tropical paradise their home for six blissful months. Whilst there they discover a derelict town on one of the coral atolls that had been sacked by slavers. In a hidden chamber beneath the ruins of an ancient temple Avalon finds a treasure beyond value, and on the wall, a pictorial history of the island’s inhabitants.

Avalon is told by a Spirit Being that he is to return the treasure to the rightful owners who are enslaved in a land thousands of miles to the northwest. Ghost Runner is attacked by fierce pirates along the way, gets sucked into a giant whirlpool half a mile wide at its gaping mouth and survives severe storms to finally arrive at their destination.

Their search for the whereabouts of the slaves leads them into extreme danger at every turn.



The Ghost Runner Series Book 1

It is the 14th century when dark spells, magic and sorcery were common and rife across the land.

King Avalon is on a quest to find the immortal Sorcerer who long ago put a curse on his ancestors that has been passed down to the first-born son for generation after generation.  The curse now affects Avalon, and whenever he sees the last flash of light from the setting sun the metamorphosis takes effect, turning him into a black jaguar. He can only change back into human form the next morning if he sees the first flash of dawn’s light.

Three beautiful women join Avalon on his quest, and they are totally committed to helping him rid himself of the dark spell he is afflicted with. A ninety-foot schooner named ‘Ghost Runner’ comes into their possession and they set off across the ocean following the next clue to the Sorcerer’s whereabouts.



Yowie Country

The story is about the life and adventures of a widower named Joe, who is also the father of two young children. Joe is a patrolman on the rabbit proof fence in 1920, maintaining twelve miles of fence through pristine rainforest on horseback on the Queensland-New South Wales border. Whilst working on the fence in the high country, Joe makes a startling discovery when he catches sight of a mythical Yowie hiding in the rugged mountains far from civilisation. It is 8 feet tall and covered in fur. Over time, Joe eventually befriends the Yowie and discovers a surprising fact about the creature.

Joe also meets Alisha in the high country, leading fourteen children along the fence as part of a school project. They not only fall in love but discover they are soul mates.

Joe eventually purchases a 4,000-acre property out west and moves to the new property and a bright new future with his fiancé Alisha and his two children. They also take the Yowie they have named Peter with them.

This enlightening, heartwarming story will touch the hearts of its readers and remind people about life as it can be lived in an unhurried and unpolluted environment. Today, many have lost sight of what is real in their lives, with high morals and standards forgotten as people get caught up in their stressful, busy lives chasing materialism. Exciting reading with many true adventures and dramas which will hold the reader’s attention to the last page.




Jungle Rescue

WWII has broken out and the Japanese are sweeping down through the Pacific Islands towards Australia and are seemingly unstoppable. Utilising the specialised skills in tracking and bush survival, Joe had learnt in his youth going walkabout with the aboriginals on his father’s 4-million acre cattle station in far north Western Australia, Joe is made an officer and put in command of a team of twelve highly trained men.

These men are part of an elite force called the ‘Australian Jungle Survival and Rescue Detachment.’ Their missions are to rescue any Allied airmen shot down by the enemy over New Guinea and surrounding Pacific islands. They are flown to the crash sites in a C47 transport plane with an escort of fighter planes, and under cover of night parachute into enemy-held territory to search for and rescue any survivors, who they then take to the coast for extraction by submarine, seaplane or destroyer.