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All Elizabeth has ever wanted is the truth—until she finds it.

Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Turner is different from the kids in her small town on the outskirts of Sydney. She’s fast, strong, and intelligent, but by how much remains a mystery. She’s never been allowed to test her limits. She only knows that her parents won’t let her participate in class, play sports, or pursue Eric (the boy she likes). But when a mysterious new guy, Tarel, shows up in her class, his presence sends a searing pain into her chest, testing her limits. She must stay away from him. But Tarel feels it too, and he knows more about her than he lets on. He’s willing to teach her more, but she can’t stand his presence—literally. He’s now left with no choice. He kidnaps her.

When she wakes up, she’s on another planet. She does not expect what have been waiting for her on Zoorer—her biological father, marriage, leadership, and a pending war.

Across Space To You is book 1 of the Across Space trilogy.