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An Australian prime minister is murdered. History will say that it was a tragic accident. Half a century passes, and Kate Austin, an Australian federal police officer, investigates the brutal death of undercover agents, only to find that their deaths are connected to a massive theft of military weapons. While consensus and political expediency combine to form the view that these acts are a new wave of terrorism, Kate is not so sure. The story follows the families of Chika, a young Japanese girl, and James Wheeler, who meet with Harold Bell Lasetter on his quest for a mythical reef of gold in the Western Deserts in the 1930s. Seventy years on, the families are reunited by a diary, which becomes the catalyst for murderous events. Kate inadvertently becomes involved in the murders of a survey team in the dead heart of Australia as members of the rich and powerful Wheeler dynasty are cut down, but why? The deeper Kate digs, the darker her world becomes as she tracks an unholy trio of sadistic and brutal killers through time to find their secrets that spread out across the years. A secret communication base, a mythical gold mine, and a cyber attack—can Kate put together the pieces before the personal cost becomes too great?