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God has gifted me this talent to share & plant seeds to thousands of people who are desperate for education & training. My dream is to give Filipinos opportunity as an Athlete & Coaches Internationally & not feel neglected by the system. I have served Australians through Community Services, now it’s time to give back to my fellow Filipinos who not only deserves that chance, that opportunity, but most importantly, through ATPCA course and qualifi cations, we are giving them HOPE!


I strongly believe that it is a personal choice whether we would succeed as a mentor, as a teacher, as a leader and as a coach. Do we acknowledge the ever-evolving ideas of having a ranking to prove that we can become a good coach?


This book entails the understanding of the learning curve pertaining to ourselves. This will challenge many individuals and coaches alike as we open ourselves in learning who we really are as a person. To be a good teacher, a good parent, a good coach, we need to know ourselves more so, why? We can always base our fundamentals and technicalities in thousands of books available but we can never buy in any bookstore about our very own emotions, mindset, physical abilities, and train of thoughts. Hence, I wrote this book to give opportunity to thousands of those who wishes to become a great coach.