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This exciting and romantic story is set in the contemporary time of heaven and earth. Here, feisty guardian angels fight their rivals, the demons, to best guide humans toward their true destinies and love.

The natural duality of light and darkness has been thrown off balance by the dark angels lately. Humans’ happiness scores are way too low on the guardians’ leaderboard. More and more people are being influenced by the demons.

To guide humans is not an easy task for the guardian angels. They not only have to deal with the tempting demons, especially the deceitfully attractive demon prince, Belphegor, but they also have to respect the Free Will.

Moreover they need to get the humans to listen to their subtle guidance, including intuitive messages and signs day by day.

The story follows two heroines’ adventures. The marketing manager, Lily, with her seemingly perfect life (that is not perfect at all), and the courageous angel, Violet, who was once a human as she tries to fit into the Angelic Kingdom.