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Shipley (Smugglers)

A naïve young man sets out to make enough money to fund his passions to travel the world and go surfing. He discovers that a job in the lucrative West Australian fishing industry provides him with more than enough to follow an Idyllic life with an endless supply of summer waves. When he comes up with an idea to make his boss a lot richer he soon realises he is in over his head. Unintentionally, he gets caught up in his own half-baked scheme and discovers just how dangerous his employers are. Fighting his way out of his situation results in shipwreck murder and love.


Praise for Charles Anchor’s writing

I was impressed by Charles Anchor’s storytelling style, he did a great job of creating chemistry between Jerry and Aster.  I think Charles has a really great story here.

—Nick at Professional Editing


Charles Anchor’s novel is a story incredibly alive and full of energy and humour. Jerry Shipley is a picaresque adventurer with the soul of a philosopher. His profound faith in the benevolence of the universe runs through the madness of the narrative like a shining thread and make the book a kind of eccentric and irreverent homage to the Age of Aquarius.

—Deborah Jenkin: Editor/Lecturer; (BA, MA) English Literature