“I had always heard of our family curse. I didn’t believe in such a thing, of course, but the previous generation had been highly influenced by it. The curse was this: our family would be extremely healthy for years—no sudden deaths, tragedies or health troubles. But then, quite unexpectedly, someone would die, and this first death would herald a series of others.”

At times, laugh-out-loud, funny, and at times heartbreaking, Fourteen: The Other Side of Someone’s Story is the story of a young man struggling with grief, addiction, and online harassment. It is a journey through drug use and depression—an unsentimental portrait of a family placed under immense pressure and a window on our modern world in which social media has so quickly changed all the rules.

Hilarious, terrible, and beautiful by turns, Fourteen: The Other Side of Someone’s Story is an autobiography of a different kind, capturing the fears and dilemmas of a generation more connected than ever before but also more vulnerable for the very same reasons. From the surfing breaks of Bali to sleeping under bridges in London, the story deals unflinchingly with death, trolling, loneliness, and the difficulties of finding love in our online age.