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The 40 Day Journey


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Jane Rae is a first-generation spiritualist-tantric-corporate woman. She lives by the 80/20 rule, meaning she mostly lives a spiritual, conscious life, except when she’s eating ice cream for breakfast and binging on chocolate. She’s raw. Very real. Jane is known by her clients as an unwavering source of love. She believes in people and humanity. For decades, Jane has been delving deep into the nature of consciousness, humanity, love, and sex. She is a talented tantric sex coach, a warm workshop mentor, and teacher who makes a difference in people’s lives where it really matters. She’s a part-time shaman, a creative genius, a lazy yogi, a sometimes fit person, a medical intuitive, an insightful author, accomplished and driven corporate woman, a mentor, property investor, nature lover, a bit introverted and awkward and clumsy in social settings. At all times, you can count on Jane to offer a true, non-polished version, of what it takes to bring real, sensual sacredness into your everyday life.

Author of 40 Days to Tantric Ecstasy for Women.

For learn-at-home, Tantric Sex online education courses.

Beginners and advanced courses.

For singles and couples.

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