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40 Days to Tantric Ecstasy for Lovers

This programme is for lovers who are all-in when it comes to ramping up their lives! The 40 Days to Tantric Ecstasy for Lovers will guide you, step-by-step, deeper and deeper into trust, vulnerability, personal awareness, and sexual expansion through modern-day approach of Tantric Sex.

Learn how to go beyond what you thought was possible and into the world that you only imagined.

Through this exploration, you will learn how:

•To use lovemaking as a meditation. How to bring your version of sacredness into your sexual union.

•Sensational, exquisite Tantric Rituals, anointing Rituals, Erotic Play Rituals to Increase your pulse rate!

•Identify the hidden agendas you’re playing out with your lover. Identify the patterns in your life. Learn compassionate responsibility.

•Unite your inner healing abilities with your inner lover prowess to become the most potent lover—ever. Give to your beloved in ways they’ve never experienced before.

•Learn erotic Tantric Breast Massage, Tantric Yoni Massage, Tantric Lingam Massage, Sacred Milking the Prostate, and Pleasure Mapping, using loving touch to open, heal, and ignite to increase self-awareness, sexual confidence, and to get pulses racing.

•Learn how to safely share your dark side so that it brings spice, a sense of newness and deeper intimacy into your relationship.

•G-Spot, U-Spot, and A-Spot massage for her. Learn how to service your Goddess like a master.

•Learn a nine-thousand-year-old erotic ceremony that unlocks the deepest secret in every man’s heart.

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