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Andrew Howell was born in the Mountains of Colorado where much of his family still lives. While spending his early years traveling the Globe as a Navy Brat, he eventually returned to the Western US and began a career in Oil field Construction where he has spent over 30 years in the Industry as a Health and Safety Manager. This Life experience once again took him around the world to exotic work locations Like Colombia, Chile, Peru, Turkmenistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt. He has a back ground rooted firmly in The Gun Smoke and Rough Neck style Oil Culture of the mid 80’s which he was able to shape into a well written fictional tale of the Wild life in the Oil Field towns that was often led by the Men and Women who worked in this rugged industry.

Andrew has been writing for most of his life and in addition to DUSTER, he has published three additional books in the Fiction Genera. He is a founding member of the ICOCW (Inner Circle Of Creative Writers) in Abu Dhabi UAE while working full time in the Engineering & Construction field. He has also added a teaser short story from another Genera, as a bonus at the book’s end.