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DUSTER travels the wild and dangerous path of Roughnecks working in the oil field boom town’s of the mid 1980’s . It follows them from their fledgling petty crime days dodging the local cops, though local turf wars, to all out gang warfare from Montana to Mexico, while they are consistently involved with federal law enforcement in one form or another. Their plotting takes them deep into the racketeering side of the Oil industry in Oklahoma where at first the illegal money is good, the music is great, and the girls are pretty. Very soon though they find themselves not only dodging federal agencies but are also smack in the middle of an all out gang war to control the oil territories from border to border. In turn they find out that the FBI is the very least of their problems as the Gang war pits crew against crew on a murderous rampage. The mysterious El Patron surfaces from his dark realm and decides he has had enough of the Oklahoma gang wars is going to put an end to them. Add another mysterious player, The Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress, and the tale becomes an intriguing and fast paced read. Packed with racketeering, guns, girls, custom made boots, pickups, the FBI, and good old boys doing what they do best, DUSTER sets the stage for an entertaining story set in the good ole oil and gas roughneck days. With humorous plot twists, many mysteries, having fun, and ample bangs. This “growing up tale” of the Oklahoma Boys will keep you amused and entertained, long after you have finished.